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*** $2,828. Lift + $988. Trike adaptor + $436. shipping ***


     •    Precision welded utilizing tooled fixtures. Made from, high quality structural steel. Black powder coated finish provides long lasting rust protection.

    •    Simple, reliable design is easy to operate. Flip the switch and watch your trike load - safely, easily.

    •    Carriage tracks are slotted to drain water, dirt and debris.

    •    RAMPAGE is a true power ramp... no need to adjust the system depending on terrain. Just lower the ramp to the pavement - any pavement, including a sidewalk, etc.

    •    Industrial grade nylon or stainless steel wheels and rollers. No bearings to grease or maintain.

    •    All Weather 12v 4500 pound electric winch, utility grade with integrated safety brake and 15' cable remote control switch. Winch cable is 3,700 pound rated galvanized steel aircraft cable. Also included is all weather #6 AWG electric cable with quick disconnect included.

    NOTE: Standard 4500 pound winch for Trikes up to 1000 pound gross weight. Trikes over 1000 pounds require 6000 pound winch upgrade.($185.)     

    •    Very little maintenance required - just keep clean and inspect the winch cable before each use.

    •    Can be installed in beds up to 39" above the ground. RAMPAGE unit weighs 330 pounds. Trike Adaptor weighs an additional 80 pounds.

    •    Installs easily into 5.5ft, 6ft, 6.5ft or 8ft beds, including Chevy AVALANCHE. The Standard lift is 95" long, and 23.5" wide. Front tire cradle is 6" wide and sits 7" above truck bed. Attachment is provided by three high strength plusnuts at the front and one more on center towards the rear that are flush mounted into truck bed. Does not require attachment to frame. Fasteners are attached from top and do not require access from bottom of the bed. Tool provided for plusnut installation; 33/64"dia. drill bit not provided. The pre-assembled lift together with the winch motor is then attached to the plusnuts using bolts provided. Route the all weather cable from the front of the truck bed under the cab to the truck's battery leaving the quick disconnect plug in the bed of the truck. Plug into the quick disconnect for power and you're ready to go. When in use, the tailgate must be removed on 8 foot beds and placed in the down position on shorter beds. Complete instructions are included with each lift.

    •    Does not use tailgate for support. Tailgate can be removed to allow towing a trailer.

    •    Removes easily. Simply, unbolt the 4 attach bolts, unhook the quick disconnect power cable and slide the assembled lift from the bed of your truck. Or, unit can be removed in 3 manageable pieces.

    •    Fits Trikes with wheelbase(distance from center of front axle to center of rear axle) up to 82". Longer 99 1/2" lift will fit Trikes with wheelbase up to 86". Trike adapter is 58" wide - fits Trikes with overall width(outside left tire to outside right tire) of 62"(2" tire overhang OK. per side)

    •    Pushback installation required for Trikes where width of Trike is wider than width of truckbed. Pushback installation allowed provided 5.5ft of RAMPAGE lift remains in truckbed.

    •    Elevated front end lift installation for heaviest trikes, using 4"x4" or 6"x6" wood, allows easier loading and unloading.

    •    2 Year Limited Warranty.

    •    To learn more about the Installation and Operation, click here.

Loading Trike:

Step 1 - Roll your Trike up to the cradle and tie-down the front just enough to be snug. Do not compress shocks. NOTE: Tie-down straps not included with lift.

Step 2 - Press the button and watch your Trike being pulled up the ramp.

Step 3 - Unit tilts forward to horizontal position.

Step 4 - Once loaded, tie off Trike to 4 points at sides of truck for transport. NOTE: Tie-down straps not included with lift. For heavy Trikes and CanAm Spyder, 6000# winch upgrade is recommended. Add $185.

Shown on a 6.5ft bed

Unloading Trike from Lift: To unload, pull back on the track to start the motion and let gravity and the controlled reverse action of the winch lower your bike to the ground. CAUTION : Park vehicle on level or slight uphill grade. Do not park on downhill grade or position vehicle laterally on a slope. (Downhill grade will make it difficult to start the unloading motion. A lateral slope will put motorcycle off balance.)

Version with wider rear wheel cradle available for the Can Am SPYDER - Add $100.

Lead-In Ramps

On loading and unloading, tailpipes, fenders and fairings are the low points. Lead-In ramps will allow for adequate ground  clearance at these low points. Each lead in ramp is 12”W x 5’L and has angle hooks that drop into slots in plates - $285./pair

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